About Us


The purpose of edutubebd is to remove every barrier between a similar level students in Bangladesh so that everyone gets same benefit out of learning and sharing. Majority students of Bangladesh lacks from many education facilities, contents, lectures, notes, demonstration because of proper guidance, support & infrastructure. Few affluent students get touch of excellent education materials mostly in urban areas, thus can enhance their knowledge, learning to develop & nourish their talent extraordinary. With the help of technology if we can build a platform where these facilitated students, well known teachers will provide their materials absolutely free just to help & enhance another student who couldn't access it because of location & affordability, within just a click in the portal a student of class10 , though residing in village, far way, will be able to view the same note, lectures, suggestions, that Dhaka’s best school A+ student has. In this portal anyone can have an account or subscribe for free. Then any student, teachers, parents or guardians can log in to upload their education materials & anyone can download to access.


edutubebd is a part of the product portfolio of Ethics Advanced Technologies Limited (EATL). Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL) is a private company and a leading enterprise with innovative ICT services and solutions provider in Bangladesh established in November 1999. EATL’s business strategy combines application support, system design, database administration, feasibility study, software development, hardware solution, training, social media consultancy and ICT services in development sectors as well. EATL launched the first ever mobile application store in Bangladesh in 2012 which is branded as ‘EATLApps’. Find more about EATL in www.eatlbd.com and get exciting android mobile apps from Bangladesh first mobile apps store launched by EATL in www.eatlapps.com Company head Office Contact House#9 (5th floor), Road#16, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh +88-02-8153220, +88-02-8153219 For any queries regarding edutubebd mail us at edutubebd.com or join at our facebook page


Once a user has opened an account and wants to upload a content, first it will come to site Quality Assurance team just to check : Firstly, It is an educational content, not nudity, vulgarity to prevent hackers ill motivation Secondly its not anything encouraging cheating or plagiarism at the national level After proper evaluation & approval from quality assurance the content will be up & live in the site within 24 hours. It can be in any format like a image, word file presentation, pdf, video. A new user or student visiting edutubebd for first time may search for his or her desired content in the search bar. The search result will comprise of all the relevant materials the site has like – word file, or video or presentation, matching the key word. To access it he/she needs to open the account, log in & can download & use. It comes with unlimited storage capacity for an user and will support all format of a content like image, word, pdf, presentation, video file as long as the content in retrievable or readable by general user. User may open with their existing gmail and facebook comment. Will be able to give comment; share & can have close group discussions in the form of written or video chatting. And it will store previous message privacy when a user is not logged in. One user will be able to subscribe for another user; eg: for teachers , lecturers to get mail notification that a new content is uploaded in the site as per his or her interest


Education is power. Education is wealth. With this self determination, we hope to place education in everyone’s’ hand with the promise of a networked economy. This is a hope that keep every individuals alive in the world, what keep us the too. The purpose of edutubebd is simply attaining it.


Our Mission is to make every individual of Bangladesh realizing sharing of knowledge makes it more powerful. To build a place where people will share everything they learn with the bigger vision of together we learn, together we build.